Information Security


Information security has become top priority in all companies. They are going through lengths to protect information and companies have realized that threats can either be from external source or internal.

There are many systems in place to combat external threats which can be in the form of Trojans, spyware or malaware. These systems ensure that the external threats are neutralized and no harm comes to the information or data.

However, the most difficult to control is internal threat. Employees in any company have access to data that can be confidential and privileged. At times, companies and organizations can face the problem of data or information theft. This could happen for many reasons. An employee can be dissatisfied with the compensation he is receiving or has a conflict with the management and can resort to data or information theft and resort to selling or leaking the information to a competitor.

There are many security systems available in present day to handle situations like these. Most organizations opt for external security systems rather than going for inbuilt ones. CCTV is one such tool which is widely used by organization to help them cope with data or information theft.

Any place where there is sensitive data or information, companies are installing CCTV so that no unauthorized access takes place. CCTV allows organizations to keep a close eye on employees and monitor their movements thereby preventing any form of theft. Anyone having access to sensitive data can be viewed on the CCTV monitor at all times. CCTV is extensively used in banks and research laboratories so stop data or information theft from taking place and it is seen that more and more companies are opting for CCTV in their premises due to the protection it offers.


Source by Pauline Go